PROTO – 7.0″ Wide Deck-End Kit (Raw)

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Protect your dropouts!

ATTENTION: 24MM AND 30MM COMPATIBLE DECK SPACERS NOW INCLUDED! Made specifically for the PROTO SOL Deck, deck ends are a natural extension of the decks back end that help reinforce and protect your deck’s drop-outs. As opposed to the regular wear and tear of drop outs on a regular deck and the cost of replacing an entire one-piece deck/neck assembly, deck ends allow for easy replacement at a minimal cost as well as maximize your decks lifespan.


The PROTO Orion and Space decks are the world’s first decks to feature Flush Mount Technology. FM Tech allows you to trash your old “cone” shaped pegs which are notorious for bending axles and being incompatible with wider decks and allows you to start using straight Cylindrical Pegs and Deck-Ends which provide superior impact support all the way to your drop-outs. With Flush Mount Technology, the Peg/Deck-End Diameter is now standardized so the dropouts of the deck can perfectly contoured to fit your Pegs and Deck-Ends which allows the full width of your deck extrusion to provide an additional level of support on Peg/Deck-End impact.

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Weight 1 lbs

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  • Includes 2 aluminum deck ends
  • Includes 1 80mm axle bolt
  • Includes 24MM wide rear wheel spacers
  • Includes 30MM wide rear wheel spacers
  • Includes 1 locknut
  • Includes 1 washer
  • Made in California