Drop Shipping


To specify your order as a drop shipment you must select YES in the the Drop Shipment selection at cart checkout.

Dealer MUST change ship to address to your customers address when entering your order. We ship to whatever address is on the order.

Dealer MUST NOT use a customer’s credit card information for payment. Please use your own payment information.

Presently, we only ship in our unit of measure, as shown on our site. This means, that if an item says 6 Pack, Pair, 18 Pack, etc, we will not break it down. Please be cautious with these items, and please review your order prior to submittal.

Shipping Terms and Notes:

Drop Shipments are only available for US Dealers in the 48 contiguous states.

TGE will ship via USPS, Federal Express, or UPS, as per our own internal guidelines. Please specify in the order note if you would like a specific method of shipping to be used.

Dealer will be charged shipping costs as with normal orders.

Orders are shipped generally within 24 hours M-F.

Customer Contact:

We will not contact the customer, nor provide an invoice/packing list on the shipment. We will also not provide customer support for the customer. This allows you full control of customer service to your customer.


Upon shipping, we will send a detailed invoice to YOU via your email on file. The invoice will contain the tracking number for your reference and forwarding to your customer.


Please call us at 760-598-5000 or email sales@tgedistribution.com for any other questions regarding drop shipments.