PROTO – Eclipse TDI DEX 5.5″ x 22″ (Black)

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5.5″ x 22″ #PROTOEclipse DEX are now available in the PROTO Store and through our loyal dealer network.

The PROTO Eclipse is exactly as it says; a total Eclipse of the past 10-Years of TDI development.

In 2011 we released the Orion DEX which maxed out at 5″x21″ at a time when 4-4.5″x18-19″ was the industry standard, which bought us some time to focus on the development of successively improved NEX iterations resulting in our first Integrated production NEX in 2015, the Orion Integrated. Once the TDI System was stabilized for the Integrated-Headset-Future we were able to switch gears and address improvements for the aging Orion extrusion profile and released the Orion V2 in 2016 being the first deck to feature [Deck-Ends] and was the predecessor to Flush Mount Technology or #FMtech. Building on the temporary improvements of the Orion V2, the Space DEX was launched in 2017 maxing out at 5″x24″ which was the largest production deck at the time and allowed us to flatten the sides, play with weight distribution and see what a maximum acceptable wheel-base could be while finally showcasing [Deck-Ends] in their full Flush Mount Configuration. In the years following the release of the Space DEX, research and development again shifted focus to the other half of the TDI System; the NEX, which produced the Orion TH NEX in 2019. Updating to the THreaded TDI Hardware was the most significant evolutionary leap of the system since its inception.

Because the union between NEX and DEX determines the success or failure of the TDI system, every new production model must be evaluated to know what future improvements must be made to ensure the longest possible life of all future components of the system. After studying the relationship between the Orion TH NEX and the Space DEX we were able to properly reveal the structural requirements to begin expanding the widths of our TDI DEX.

The PROTO Eclipse is the result of lessons learned from the Orion and the Space DEX profiles. With more material where it is needed and less where it is not, the Eclipse has the highest strength to weight ratio at our largest width and deepest concave to date.



TDI is a system of compatibility. This system was designed so that the deck and neck/headtube are separate components that are mated together utilizing a tongue and groove system with bolts to keep everything in place. The TDI system allows for interchangeable neck/decks allowing for maximum customization and upgrades of  a single deck or neck. When your deck wears out on a TDI system you only need to replace the deck itself instead of the entire neck/deck assembly like a one piece deck. Watch the original TDI Debut Video to learn how it works. 

The new Patent Pending PROTO Universal Braking System (UBS) is an update from the original 6-hole UBS system from 2010. The new UBS SLOT is the the world’s first fully adjustable brake mounting system, integrated into the deck itself, that allows for your brake size and weight to be minimized while still providing the flexibility for you to run any size wheel on your deck while also letting you fine tune your brake sensitivity. Nuts, washers and sockets have been eliminated with its integrated threads. Simply loosen the bolts with an Allen key, slide the brake lever to your desired position and tighten it down! UBS technology is featured on all PROTO Orion and Space decks.

The PROTO Orion and Space decks are the world’s first decks to feature Flush Mount Technology. FM Tech allows you to trash your old “cone” shaped pegs which are notorious for bending axles and being incompatible with wider decks and allows you to start using straight Cylindrical Pegs and Deck-Ends which provide superior impact support all the way to your drop-outs. With Flush Mount Technology, the Peg/Deck-End Diameter is now standardized so the dropouts of the deck can perfectly contoured to fit your Pegs and Deck-Ends which allows the full width of your deck extrusion to provide an additional level of support on Peg/Deck-End impact. PROTO will be offering Pegs and Deck-Ends in a variety of materials from plastic to aluminum to steel, so your options will be virtually endless to suit any riding style or preference!

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  • Made of T6061 Aluminum
  • Anodized
  • Lasered Graphics
  • Compatible with all TDI components
  • Made in California