PROTO – OrionTH “KeenFace” Neck [84°/TDIth] (Chema Cardenas Signature) *HARDWARE INCLUDED

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Chema has been around since the beginning of scootering and has had a key role in the development of the PROTO brand and products and has tested nearly every single PROTOtype part we have ever made.

Chema pioneered the Mexican scooter scene through his brand @Keendeathco using Chema’s Cartoon Face as the logo.

His Signature TDI Neck is a tribute to his hard work and dedication to the Mexican scooter scene and represents the first of many collaborations between KeenDeath and PROTO!

With improved geometry, everything about this neck has been updated. The headtube is now nearly half an inch shorter than it’s predecessor allowing for a full 1.5″ of fork clamping in your SCS with most standard length forks. An 84* headtube angle gives you more handlebar clearance to ride taller and wider bars and increases comfort and pop. The nose blunt area of the OrionTH Neck has been pulled back inside of the Deck Plate to reinforce and protect the areas most commonly impacted during nose blunts, crooks and smith grinds. The tail of the neck that sits inside the Deck now has a slight radius on the bottom to soften the rear corners to allow more flex to reduce the possibility of the neck piercing through the Deck extrusion under heavy impacts. Most notably, the OrionTH Neck features the biggest update in TDI history with the debut of the new TDIth (THreaded) Hardware, creating the tightest fitting, strongest Neck/Deck assembly to date.

COSMETICALLY: The top square corners have been removed and the front headtube support bar (after years of testing) was found to be unnecessary and was removed for a sleeker, cleaner and lighter weight neck!

NOTE: Threaded hardware included.

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Weight 3 lbs

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  • Made of T6061 Aluminum
  • Anodized
  • Threaded hardware included
  • Compatible with all TDI components
  • Made in California